The initiative to record a CD with the paracletic canon of Great Martyr Saint Minas chanted by the choir of the Ecclesiastical Seminary of Karditsa, is laudable and pious.

On the one hand, Saint Minas, the patron saint of the Ecclesiastical Seminary, is in this way honoured.

On the other hand, this CD is an evidence of the excellent quality of the our Seminary’s Byzantine teachers work.

Therefore, I would like to bless this praiseworthy activity of the Ecclesiastical Seminary and congratulate its Director Mr. Christos Kalantzis as well as the teachers and everybody who contributed in various ways in the carrying out of the recording of the paracletic canon of Saint Minas. I wish Saint Minas protect the teachers, the students and the employees of the Seminary.

The Metropolitan
of Thessaliotis and Fanariofersala

Kyrillos II